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The datasets used during the current study are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request. The activity I prefer is when women draw their personal map, in the shape of a tree. It is only that sometimes we don’t value who we are, what we hold in our arms, what we can do. There were no significant baseline differences between intervention and control women, in either sociodemographic or primary or secondary outcome measures. Research ethics boards at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama in Guatemala approved the study.

  • After her term ended in 2018, Aldana, who had strong public backing, decided to run for the presidency.
  • One of the last times I was there at the finca, there was a storm, rains that wouldn’t stop.
  • Findings from a situational analysis indicated that the farms managed by women show production rates above the Cooperative’s average.
  • Hannah is a senior at Harvard University studying the History and Literature of Latin America, Government, and Spanish.
  • Unfortunately, Porras is not the first woman within Guatemala’s judiciary to face harassment or be exiled as a result of their commitment to fighting impunity and upholding the rule of law.
  • The ineffectiveness of Procurador de los Derechos Humanos is a result of a multitude of factors including the weakness of the justice system, a lack of clarity surrounding laws made regarding gendered violence, and the absence of free institutions that would aid victims.

One time he even arrived with a revolver, threatening us from the window. Not until my son was three years old did I manage to convince his father to recognize him. The three of us sisters separated from my mother because she was with a man who didn’t like us. With a little money that my mother gave us we started a store, and, there in the house, my sister had her sewing machine, and we continued with the little restaurant, just we three. There we had thirty mobile military police and the people who passed by on their way to the fincas for customers.

How Often Does Your Women From Guatemala Make Your Neighbors Say That

Their life expectancy is 13 years shorter, and the maternal mortality rate more than twice as high. They often speak one of more than 20 native languages rather than Spanish. Four in five are poor, and they are nearly three times as likely to live in extreme poverty than others in the country, according to the World Bank. “We are discriminated against one, because we are poor, second, because we are indigenous and because we are women,” Victoria Cumes Jochola, coordinator of Nuestra Voz, or Our Voice rights group, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The purpose of the activity was to encourage the legal profession in Guatemala to take stronger leadership in tackling gender inequalities in the judicial sector. Within all of the groups that struggle for the interests of the great majority of oppressed people, there are remnants of typical bourgeois machismo, and there, fundamentally, the revolutionary woman has a well defined task. These particular cases have to be eliminated through study, dialogue, criticism and self-criticism. Definitely the participation of women throughout the long history of Guatemala is undeniable. At the moment, I can think of the example of Maria Chinchilla who died struggling for changes in the schools and the working conditions of teachers. Women within the dominant classes play a role too; remember, for example, the participation of women in the 1954 campaign to overthrow President Arbenz. Studying and practicing Marxism resolved the doubts of my childhood and adolescence.

The Lower Down on Guatemalan Women Dating Exposed

The 16 circle leaders were identified based on prior collaborations and expressed interest and invited to co-design and co-facilitate the intervention. Nine were former community health workers , six were comadronas and one a community leader . Aged 27 to 70 (mean 47.4 ± 14.5) years, one had no formal schooling, six had incomplete and five completed primary schooling and four had incomplete secondary schooling. After their own researcher-led 10-session Women’s Circle, where the 16 leaders acted as participants, they practiced session delivery (2/week, over 5 weeks).

Why Women From Guatemala Makes Life Easier

What happened to them then was not unique, but what happened next, changed history. From 2011 – 2016, 15 women survivors fought for justice at the highest court of Guatemala. The groundbreaking case resulted in the conviction of two former military officers of crimes against humanity and granted 18 reparation measures to the women survivors and their community.

But in this extremely Catholic country, even women who have been the victims of rape are forbidden to have an abortion. Abortions, which have always been a taboo topic in Guatemala, continue to be considered a criminal offense; many women end up in prison for years for having had one. “Violence against women is part of everyday life here; it is normal, and no one is surprised when a new femicide comes to light,” said Quintela. “Even as young girls, women are just objects that are sexually abused by their uncles, grandfathers or brothers. The result is thousands of teenage pregnancies every year.” Carmen Quintela is another woman who wants to change this state of affairs.

In Guatemala, relations between formal and traditional providers are often tense due to differing approaches to health, a long history of discrimination and devaluation of indigenous knowledge and practices . The overwhelming recourse to comadronas by indigenous women testifies to local cultural norms and preferences and greater trust in traditional practices . Comadronas’ unique contributions to women’s psychosocial health would be worth elucidating further, as would be their ability to transmit resilience factors and endogenous resources rooted in the local context.

Despite more than 40% of Guatemala’s population self-identifying as indigenous in a recent census, research analyzed by the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs shows that poverty impacts 75% of the country’s indigenous people. Antigua, Guatemala Group of indigenous women and girls carrying bundles down the street.Antigua, Guatemala Group of indigenous women and girls carrying bundles down the street. Finally, the pilot was conducted within a specific context and we need to use caution in generalizing findings to other settings. The intervention will need to be adapted to the diverse contexts of Guatemala to enable scaling-up. It would also benefit from complementary enabling strategies; psychological interventions alone may not be sufficient when major contributing factors to women’s psychosocial distress are systemic and structural . Where strong gender inequalities exist, it may be unrealistic to expect an intervention to empower women in a way that they are individually able to negotiate for a change in their lives ; involving men and communities is critical. The HSCL-25 instrument may have lacked sensitivity in our patient population, something that we will need to investigate further.

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